There are thousands of islands across the world,
but none are as great as Dwinidigdig!


Well, that will change today! Get ready for an adventure like you’ve never had before! Come meet some of the most fun, crazy, interesting creatures you will ever lay your eyes on, but be careful… some of them may have their eyes on you first!

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New Cover!

“Have You Ever heard of a Dweazle!?” cover has a new look! I think the 5 Star Reader’s Favorite Seal fits in pretty well 😀 I can never say it enough, thank you everyone for your support!!

Exciting News!

Wow!!! So exciting!! My book has been awarded a 5 Star Seal from “Reader’s Favorite Review”!! Hoping to claim the Reader’s Favorite “Best Children’s Picture Book” award as well! Fingers crossed 🤞 But either way, I am honored to be in the running for the award and to receive 5 Stars for my FIRST children’s book! … Continue reading Exciting News!

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